4 Contaminants That Can Accumulate in Air-Conditioner Ducts

Everyone wishes to maintain a high-quality indoor environment in their homes. This can just be achieved once the A/C system remains in great working condition. Most people do not know that the A/C unit has to be serviced periodically to maintain indoor air quality. Cleaning of ducted air conditioning Caboolture homeowners have, for example, can increase its effectiveness.


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Prior to air ducts are cleaned, it is crucial to employ professionals in inspecting a ducted air conditioning Caboolture homeowners have right now. If you do not service your A/C, then it’s possible to discover accumulated contaminants in your air ducts such as:

1. Allergens

Homeowners need to always guarantee the duct system is properly cleaned to keep their households safe from allergens. The pollutants and dust that build up in the air ducts are harmful especially to people who are allergic to them. It has been found that fungi, mold, germs and other irritants breed well in the air ducts.

If kids aged 4 years and below are exposed to such allergens for a long time, they might develop asthma or allergies given that they are more vulnerable. Every homeowner with children at home must not overlook the requirement of hiring service providers of ducted air conditioning Caboolture wide.

2. Pets’ fur

Pets are some of the sincere and jovial buddies you would have in your house. However, it’s great to know they could posture some risks to your A/C unit. The fur from their body might be caught in the vents of your ac system without your knowledge.

If the system is not functioning as it should, the best thing to do is hire Caboolture ducted air conditioning service experts. If you just occupied a home where the previous owner used to cope with family pets, there could be fur trapped in the air ducts.

3. Dust

One of the things new homeowners do when inhabiting their new home is thorough dusting. Exactly what they forget is that the same dust would get back into your home the following day. If the ductwork is not properly cleaned up, then the dust would continue to spread from room to room.

Meanwhile, if you just finished constructing your new house, it’s excellent to understand that the building, construction particles, and drywall dust might infiltrate the ductwork system. Employing specialists in ducted air conditioning in Caboolture would make sure the ducts are effectively cleaned prior to you occupy your home. This would save you the cost of replacing the entire unit.

4. Mould

The majority of house owners like having their duct systems in the basement of their home. It’s possible for the basement to be flooded or damped. The moisture in the moist place makes air ducts a favourable environment for mildew and mould’s development. If the anti-microbial compound you apply isn’t really reliable, then you should call the best Caboolture ducted air conditioning experts.


Failure to eliminate pollutants may cause the entire system to become defective. Most people do not think of changing their A/C system given that it’s costly. So, even before living in your new home, make sure experts, like those at http://www.seqas.com.au/ducted-air-conditioning-cabo, install and inspect your A/C.

Post Author: Sophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson