Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

For homes and offices located in the Pacific Northwest region, indoor air quality is a major concern due to high levels of mildew. In such homes therefore, Willard duct cleaning services are quite essential.

Willard Duct Cleaning

Having a regular inspection of the air duct system can help purify indoor air quality to prevent breathing in toxins. The problem of indoor air quality is a major concern, with the Environmental Protection Agency listing it as one of the most prevalent environmental threat. It is against that backdrop that Willard duct cleaning services become very important for homes and offices in risk-prone areas.

Causes of poor indoor quality

When HVAC devices are running in your home or office, they gather contaminants that eventually gather in the duct system. Indoor air contaminants consist of dust mites, household mold, chemicals, and allergens.

Once gathered in the air duct system, these agents circulate in the house and affect the health of the occupants. By having the air duct cleaned through effective Willard duct cleaning services, you can avoid the following problems:

Reduce or eliminate dusting: Since dust accumulates in the air duct system, having it cleaned removes accumulated debris and dust that may hamper indoor air quality. For best results in this service, it is important to engage in a certified company for duct cleaning to carry out effective cleaning in the air duct system, dryer vent system, or in the chimneys.

Duct cleaning improves indoor air quality: According to figures released by EPA, indoor air is 70% more contaminated than outdoor air. Cleaning of the air duct system can help clear the system of contaminants such as bacteria, mold spores, pollen, or fungus that may increase chances of allergy.

It saves energy and money

When dust and dirt build up in heating and cooling systems, they use more energy to operate. When that happens, it results in higher energy costs. A clean air duct system, dryer vent system, or chimney implies efficient operation, which reduces your energy costs by a substantial margin.

System cleaning extends equipment life

Research reveals that 9 out of 10 systems fail because of accumulated dust and dirt. That is why in many systems there is a fan to cool the system’s heat exchanger. Experts say that accumulated debris and dust can cut the system’s cubic feet of air per minute by up to 50%. When the condition persists, the system simply stalls prematurely. By involving experts in duct cleaning, you can prevent premature breakdown of the system and prevent costly repairs or replacement.

In Portland, Salem, and Vancouver, you can get reliable duct cleaning services from established companies. When hiring such services, it is important to confirm their reputation in the market by reading reviews and visiting BBB website to determine their suitability.

The company you hire for such services should be available for service immediately to avoid further build-up of toxins. If you are in Salem, you can dial Salem (971) 239-4215 for assistance with an expert.

In addition to dialing (971) 239-4215, you can visit for assistance with a free quote or appropriate advice.

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