Find Out the Major Causes of Roof Leakage

Roof leakage can be totally frustrating especially when realized during the rainy season. Running for a drip bucket whenever it rains is not only annoying but a total embarrassment which no one would wish to face. When you detect water damage on your ceiling, you shouldn’t assume that it’s coming right on top of the damaged part. The leakage could be oozing from any part of the house and a professional roof repair in Sydney can fix it for you. No one would like to wake up one morning just to find themselves in a flood of water in the name of leakage in the roof. It’s important to first check the root cause of the problem. Here are some probable causes of leakage in your roof:

Broken shingles

This is usually caused by improper fastening. If binding is installed on top of the overlap, you will notice that only the upper surface of the shingle is held in position. The adhesive shred bond fails and the other half on the lower side will definitely fall. It’s easy to realize this since you will identify a missing shingle by noticing traces of different – color on the roof.

Cracked vent booting

Roof vents are the small pipe-like “things” that penetrate on top of the roof. They usually expel excess moisture from inside the house. Any leakage caused by cracked vent booting usually leaves dark spots around them due to the moisture. It is advisable to have them repaired immediately by a professional roof repair in Sydney to avoid further damages.

Improperly installed skylights

Skylight contributes much to energy efficiency and is excellent supply of natural light. When installing the skylight, ensure that they are of good quality, taking into consideration of the slope; choose carefully the placement before purchasing the flash. Skylights could also be clogged by debris causing cracking which needs to be sealed with silicon.

Clogged gutters

The major role of gutters is to channel water from the roof and dispose it away from the house foundation. Clogging and blockage causes water to flow over the side of the house. Experts recommend regular checking and cleaning of the gutters. Clogged gutters cause water overflow, damaging fiscal boards and will cause roof leakage. It can be very expensive to fix the problem and is always advised to prevent the damages by regularly cleaning them.

A cracked chimney

Any sign of wear and tear on the mortar joint should be attended soonest possible before it becomes the course of your roof-leakage. The flashing metal keeps rain water from entering the house at meeting point of the chimney and the roof. It can be disastrous if these flashes get holes or the sealing in the chimney is improperly done. Most experts who specialize on roof repair in Sydney advise that the chimney must be checked after every two years to avoid water leakage.

It’s a concern for everyone when you discover leakage in your roof. Fixing the roof can be very hard especially if you don’t know the exact cause of the problem. Most people will repair the roof using try and error method without fully diagnosing the root of the problem. Knowing the major causes of roof leakage will help you prevent future damage and reduce repair cost in the future.

Post Author: Sophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson