Leather Lounge Care in Melbourne

Maintaining your leather upholstery is of great importance. The more you look after it, the longer it is likely to last. When it comes to caring for your leather lounge, it is advisable to avoid using the heavy duty cleaning agents as these are likely to damage or even break down the leather used in the upholstery. A softer and more effective option is the use of a damp sponge along with some warm water in the cleaning in order to remove stains lightly. Stains on leather lounges should be attended to as soon as possible because they usually become harder to remove the longer they stay on the upholstery. You can also contract leather lounge cleaners Melbourne specialists in order to help you in ensuring that your lounge suite is cleaned professionally and effectively.

There are certain stains on your leather lounge suite which cannot be cleaned easily with a damp sponge. These should be attended to immediately by the leather lounge cleaners Melbourne professionals. If possible, these should be cleaned within 24 hours. If these stay any longer on the quality leather materials, they are likely to become more permanent. An example of this kind of stain is dye transfer. This occurs when there is color transfer from your cushions to the leather material when they have stayed for a long time. If they are left for too long, they will become impossible to remove.

There are several kinds of leather and buyers generally get what they pay for. Some leather materials such as the vinyl leather look lounges will not last too long and they cost less. Within a short time, they will start cracking and breaking down and every few years, you may have to do some re-upholstering. Some furniture manufacturers also use cheap hybrid leather materials which also break down very quickly. The best leather is the real leather materials which are of very good quality and will last for a very long time without breaking down. They stand the test of time and if your furniture is made of real high quality leather upholstery, then you need to invest in good Carpet Cleaners Melbourne professionals capable of giving it some tender loving care.

When hiring the leather cleaners, try as much as possible to avoid people who are not professionals or experts in leather cleaning. There are certain commercial carpet cleaners who also offer leather cleaning but they may not have the professional expertise to give you leather upholstery the right kind of professional cleaning services. They may not have the knowledge or experience to identify the best techniques as well as cleaning materials that can be used in leather cleaning. After all, the techniques used in carpet stain removal and leather lounge cleaning are vastly different. You, therefore, need a very specialized kind of service when it comes to leather cleaning in order to avoid the instance where the cleaning services will permanently damage your costly leather upholstery.


One of the main issues that you are likely to grapple with when it comes to leather upholstery is soiling. There are particles of dirt and dust that will build up and become embedded on the finishes. Because of their jagged edges, they may be abrasive and will eventually wear away leather lounge’s topcoat lacquer which protects the leather itself on your sofa. When this lacquer is worn out, the pigment on the leather material will fade away fairly fast. Soil can also settle on the creases forming on the leather during regular use. When the leather flexes, this will break or scratch the surface finishes thereby exposing your leather to further tear and wear.


Perspiration is absorbed into the leather and it contains acids and various other constituents which will cause a deterioration of the leather over time. The leather on lounge suites should be cleaned on a regular basis in order to ensure these do not adversely lead to rapid deterioration of finish as well as wear and tear.

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Sophie Wilson