What To Look For In Selecting the Right Artificial Turf

Ordering an artificial turf for your home or business property lawn is a great idea. You can visit greenprintlandscapes.com.au to learn more about turf surfaces that you can use and the differences between them. However, you need to apply the information with care, as there are many things to go into any artificial turf application. Here are just some of the things you need to consider:

How Tall Is It?

The height of your artificial turf should be between 30 and 38 mm from the base. This can create a good length that is realistic and is not too unusual.

The height is an important factor to consider, as some surfaces might need shorter heights for more active use. A shorter turf is best for playgrounds, putting greens and other surfaces where physical stress is more likely to occur. A longer length works best for courtyards and other spots where a simple ornamental space is needed.

What Is the Colour?

When you visit http://greenprintlandscapes.com.au/, you will notice that turf is available in many colors. Green is clearly going to be prevalent all around your turf but some individual brown or tan tones may also be added. These can create a more realistic look within your surface if used properly.

Proper UV protection is also needed on your blades. This can come from a coating that is embedded into the turf. When used right, it keeps all your blades looking great and admirable. The risk of your blades wearing out or not appearing as well as they should can be a problem if they are not treated with a good coating. Therefore, you need to keep the natural colors looking good for years to come.

What Is the Fill?

The fill used within your turf surface is just as important as anything else in your turf layout. A fill may be used in between fibers to keep them upright and less likely to bend. A fill typically includes a soft series of sand or rubber pellet materials that can be added during the construction and installation process for your turf fields. These should keep the fibers strong while also creating a softer surface that is realistic.

Don’t Forget the Base

You should consider base of your turf should be considered too. The base should include a flat rubbery surface that may be laid out around a floor. Polyurethane is typically used to embed the fibers onto the surface while still having the ability to take in shocks and other pressures. Polyurethane is also capable of keeping the fibers intact for around twenty years on average, thus giving you a surface that will last for years.

However, avoid using latex on the base. While latex is a cheaper option, it will also wear out quickly.

The base has to be installed over a flat surface so it will be easier to install and lay out. This will keep snags from developing.

Be careful when getting your artificial turf surface added to your local space. Visit the GreenPrint Synthetic website at http://greenprintlandscapes.com.au/ to learn more about how you can get your turf applied and laid out on your property.

Post Author: Sophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson