Why choose custom roller garage doors in Melbourne

Looking to switch to roller garage doors Melbourne residents recommend?

It is important to choose a manufacturer that you can trust to provide you with high-quality garage doors with an exceptional level of safety and toughness.

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However, with all the providers in Melbourne, choosing the best one can be tough. But some companies offer more than just quality products.

Roller doors from EcoGarageDoors, for example, come with a 1-year structural warranty, limited 5-year motor warranty, a range of COLORBOND® colour options, smooth and quiet operation, and bottom weather seal.

Moreover, the company offers a custom solution, making them one of the exceptional garage door manufacturers Melbourne market has.

Why go for custom roller garage doors Melbourne experts offer

Design freedom

Have the liberty to choose the design that you want, and one that is different from the usual roller garage doors typically found on the market. And with input from custom makers and professional installers, you’ll have a garage door that is unique and attractive in design.

Want a garage door with an unusual shape? No problem. Customisation makes this possible to achieve.

Better choice of materials

With a custom garage roller doors Melbourne providers offer, the possibilities are endless. You have several materials to choose from, with each one featuring something awesome.

  • Aluminium – Perfect for when you want a modern application to your garage doors. Choose from an array of styles and finishes and a level of functionality that pre-formed panels offer.
  • Timber – Treated to prevent mould, peeling, and resistant to UV and the weather, it is built for longevity. The material adds a modern and warm look to your property.
  • Galvapanel – The best choice for the strongest and flattest roller garage doors. Made of the zincalume sheet that is reinforced by box sectional aluminium supports. Extra durability is added through its powder-coat finish.
  • Euro Selekta Clad – The ideal garage door material if you live in areas prone to bushfire because it’s built to be resistant from it. It features the beauty of timber-grain and the strength of composite cladding.

Added features

Because your roller garage door is custom-made, you can choose to add more features than what is typically offered. Want to add an extra layer of security? Just tell the manufacturer and they’ll give you exactly what you need. Click here roller garage doors Melbourne

Regular servicing matter to roller garage doors Melbourne has today

Now that you have your custom roller doors installed, it is important to schedule regular servicing. Even when it has structural and motor warranties, a garage door still goes through wear and tear. For more details, check it out at: https://www.ecogaragedoors.com.au/melbourne/roller-garage-doors

Regular maintenance ensure minor issues don’t escalate to major and expensive problems.

Among the things that must be regularly checked are:

  • Spring mechanism that goes through so-called spring fatigue due to the amounts of strain caused by constant use.
  • Drive train that will fail due to the lifting force that puts a strain on the automatic drive system.

Included in the maintenance process are:

  • Re-tensioning of the spring system
  • Reprogramming the drive unit
  • Adjusting and lubricating mechanical parts
  • Checking all fixing points

Stay on top of servicing and your custom roller garage door will last a long time.

Post Author: Sophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson